Tip: Do not keep your bonsai tree on top of a television.

Tropical imported trees should be kept out in the garden during warm summer months and given cool, light conditions in the house, such as a window sill, at other times.

Trees which are hardy in the UK should be kept outside all the time, just given shelter from cold winter winds, or put in a cold unheated greenhouse, for the winter.
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Annual Show
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Bonsai Workshop
Trees and the Environment
Japanese Gardens
Hare Hill
Stockport Labour Club
Heaton Chapel Community Centre
Second Monday of each month - 8 pm to 10 pm
Click for location: http://streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?X=388895&Y=390979&A=Y&Z=106
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Main meetings are held at Stockpot Labour Club, 2 Lloyd Street,
off Wellington Road North (A6), Heaton Norris, Stockpot, SK4 1QP,
The Labour Club is visible on the A6, north east of the junction with
Belmont Way, with the Hope Inn next door. Turn into Cotswold Road,
then turn into Lloyd Street behind the Hope Inn.
Third Tuesday of each month - 8 pm to 10 pm

Bonsai workshops are held at:
Heaton Chapel Community Centre, Broadstone Hall Road South,
Heaton Chapel, Stockport, SK4 5JD.
Turn into Broadstone Hall Road South from Broadstone Road.
The entrance to Broadstone Hall Primary School is on the right just after
the junction, with Heaton Chapel Community Centre beyond it.

The Society meets in friendly surroundings and welcomes anyone who has
an interest in bonsai.

If you have a problem with a bonsai you were given as a present of bought
because it looked lonely and miserable, then feel free to bring it along to a
workshop or critique at either venue.

Admission fee: 2.50 at both venues.
Non-members pay 5 when there is a speaker or sales evening.

Annual membership subscription: 12.
Joint family membership is available for a nominated partner.