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Maps of venues
Bonsai Workshop
Demonstration of techniques, 11.7.2016
Mike started by showing us very small rooted Satsuki azalea cuttings he took last summer, which are now ready to be potted into larger modules. He lifts them out of the modules with two knives to avoid root disturbance and uses potting compost with a little Akadama. He then took more tiny cuttings from two different Satsuki azaleas, removed lower leaves, dipped into rooting hormone and planted in modules containing pure sphagnum moss.
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Trees and the
Annual Show
Japanese Gardens
Hare Hill
Paul dug up from hedges the pieris with very small leaves, the weigela and the Virginia creeper. He has pruned them back and potted them up.
Alun bought this group of Chamaecyparis lawsonia 'Wissellii' from a garden centre and planted them at the bottom of a large pot. He then layered them by cutting a ring of bark from around each trunk, applying rooting hormone and staking them at an angle and filling the pot up to the top with compost. He uses kebab sticks to angle the branches. These trees are pretty big!
'My Favourite Tree' - 9.4.2018 - Members bring in a tree and tell its story.
 Debbie bought this Chinese Elm from Angela. It is growing well and has been wired and cut back. It is styled in a broom shape but has no nebari. Wire had dug into the trunk base. Mike suggested cutting out chunks of bark at soil level, and applying rooting hormone and sphagnum moss to grow surface roots.
Mike showed us his 20 year old cryptomeria japonica. It was growing on rock for nine years, but now the rock has split. It has gone out of shape and will need a major prune and wrapping the roots around a new rock. The tree and rock can be planted deeply in a plastic pot and the top of the pot cut lower each year.
Keith had been to Sheffield last week and bought a distinctive pot for a cascade cotoneaster from All Things Bonsai. He really like the design on the pot, but some of the members thought it overpowered the tree. He was advised to tilt the top of the tree backwards and curve the cascade to left and right.
Alun had bought this grey bark elm from Salmsbury when it was just a stump. Over the years he has been happy with the ramification. It has a nice shape when in full leaf.
Alun's flowering quince has been planted as a raft. It has potential for the future.
Ged bought this white pine from Louis Hawksby in 2010. He repotted it last year and is now seeing something in it. Roy said the trunk was a peculiar shape and it would be better balanced if the top of the tree was over the base.
Debbie found this larch in Richard's garden and pruned it hard and wired it upwards. When the wire was removed the branches sprang back, so the wire needs to be on for longer this time. It needs a lot of pinching as it gets leggy. There is too much weight on one side.
Mike brought in a group of small trees he is making into a forest.