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Maps of venues
Annual Show
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Trees and the Environment
Japanese Gardens
Monte Palace Gardens, Madeira
Monte Palace gardens on the Island of Madeira can be reached by cable car from the Funchal seafront.
The views from the cable car are wonderful and the gardens are stunning.
The gardens are set in a valley with steps down and back up again, so it may be difficult if you have problems with stairs, but it is well worth taking the cable car for the views alone.
There are some amazing 1000 year old olive trees just outside the entrance, which were transferred from Portugal when a hydroelectric dam was being built where they were originally growing.
Madeira also has a huge botanical gardens, easily reached by bus or taxi, with an outstandinging array of trees and plants from around the world as well as plants native to Madeira. The gardens are terraced down a hillside, so it is on a series of gentle slopes. There is a cafe half way down and a bird park at the bottom. While in Madeira you should also visit Santa Catarina Park above the harbour and the Municipal Park in the centre of Funchal.
Japanese Gardens within Belem Tropical Gardens, Lisbon, Portugal
This is a free garden, which also has bonsai trees!
Japanese Gardens within Samares Manor Gardens, Jersey, Channel Islands
Don't forget to visit the Japanese Gardens at Tatton Park, beautiful throughout the year!!
Japanese Gardens.
Hare Hill Display