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Steve Kitchman of China Mist - Making pots, 9.5.2016
Steve started by describing the processes of making bonsai pots by hand: kneading the clay to remove air bubbles and getting the right consistency; methods of creating different shapes of pots; drying the pots and then using his kiln for the initial firing of pots and the second firing of glazes and effects.
His kiln will fire pots up to 31"!
Then we were given a lump of clay, a board and tools to make our own pots. All sorts of shapes emerged, with varying degrees of success!

When we had finished, Steve collected the pots to take back to his studio in Doncaster to dry, fire and apply a glaze before a second firing.

When we received our pots back a couple of months later, we were delighted to find that all the pots had survived the process, without even one crack!