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Annual Show
Bonsai Workshop
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Trees and the Environment
Japanese Gardens.
Hare Hill Display
Woodland Trust
KenShalliker - A series of demonstrations on 'Metamorphose'.
Metamorphose 1 - 10.10.2011
Ken described how he had used dead trees to transform into new bonsai by planting young trees onto the limbs of dead trees. He had brought two trees he had already treated, and went on to involve members in building new bonsai from three pieces of deadwood. He converted a pyracantha into a Chinese elm, then a syzygium into a larch and restyled a larch that started life as a chamaecyparis in 2008.
Metamorphose 2 - 10.9.2012 - The next stage.
A mature zelkova root-over-rock bonsai
Saplings being stripped of leaves; deciding which way up to use the rock; tying the saplings together; inserting the rock and planting them together in a large box.
Metamorphose 3 - 9.9.2013 - The last stage
Chinese elm and larch created at the meeting in 2011
This one-sided Korean hornbeam needs to be stripped of leaves before being shaped into a windswept style. Ken also got members wiring conifers.