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Annual Show
Bonsai Workshop
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Trees and the Environment
Japanese Gardens.
Hare Hill Display
Woodland Trust
Roy Booth Demonstrations.
Planting on rock - 12.9.2016
Roy had attached wires to the rock. He applied clay to the rock and took a small hinoki cypress from its pot and combed out its roots. The cypress was positioned on the rock. Compost was added and clay was built up round the root ball and covered with moss.
Planting on tufa rock - 10.3.2014
Roy had superglued a piece of tufa rock to a shallow tray and added wire. He covered the rock with a mixture of compost and clay and started wiring some tiny cuttings of Siberian elm, ulmus pumila, to the rock. The cuttings were all from the same parent tree. More compost mix was stuck on and then moss was applied. Look how good the group looked on the stand at Tatton in 2016!
Techniques to style a 20 year old horsechestnut, 15.5.2010
Roy gave a talk on pines and highlighted differences in care between, from left, black pine, white pine, Scots pine and Scots pine 'Beauvonensis'
Display of pines 12.3.2012
Roy demonstrated how to prune an overgrown horsechestnut. The final picture shows Mike with the tree the following year.